Our eyes are the “windows” into who we are and are one of the regions that patients most seek aesthetic advice. Fortunately, we have many treatment options for the eyes. There are multiple approaches to different parts of the eye anatomy and it is certainly not a one size fits all regions in which one procedure will work for all problems. At Georgia Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Campbell is trained to properly assess exactly what the underlying problem is and then recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Many patients ask about what they can do to prevent or treat the lateral lines that emanate from the lateral canthus of the eye, otherwise known as “crow’s feet” lines. This area is particularly amenable to treatment with Botox® Cosmetic and a dramatic improvement can be achieved with this approach. Oftentimes, there are persistent fine etched lines, even after Botox® that may be treated with more superficial fillers, such as CosmoDerm.

Other patients want to improve the “tired” look that they feel they have under their eyes. Botox® again works in this area very well to treat the “crepe tissue paper” skin that is sometimes present under the eye. Deeper fillers can be used to treat the tear trough that runs from the medial corner of the eye down the cheek and accentuates the “bags” under the eyes. Many patients find this to be a wonderful solution for improving the “dark circles” present under the eye and may avoid a more extensive surgical procedure.

Finally, in cases where there is protuberance of the infraorbital pads, a lower lid blepharoplasty may be performed to remove the lower lid fat pads. These fat pads may have “dropped” and can create the “bags” under the eyes. Many patients complain that their the upper eyelids have become a bit droopy and sometimes even have redundancy of the upper eyelid skin. Severe cases can actually affect the vision. These patients would benefit from an upper lid blepharoplasty after ruling out any other causes of brow or lid ptosis. Upper lid blepharoplasty can dramatically improve not only vision, but restores a naturally well-rested appearing eye.

Overall the eye is a wonderful area to treat because we can consistently insure our patient’s satisfaction. We will work our very best to make you look your very best.