Soft tissue fillers have completely transformed the cosmetic surgeon’s approach to sculpting natural appearing, beautiful lips. A variety of fillers are available to treat a multitude of problems with lips and again, a one size fits all approach will not achieve the best results. Fillers may be used to treat the fine vertical lines around the mouth, sometimes known as “smoker’s lines” even in patients who have never smoked, the vermilion border of the lips to better define the lip and “lipstick line”, and to produce fuller, more voluptuous lips.

We will work with you to restore your natural appearance and achieve the results you desire. Fillers are also used to treat the nasolabial folds, which emanate from the nose to the corners of the mouth, as well as the marionette lines, which emanate downward from the corners of the mouth and which sometimes produce a frown appearance at rest. By using fillers to create a foundation for the lips, this can be easily treated and patients are consistently very satisfied. Treatment of the marionette lines is sometimes combined with Botox® cosmetic to relax the downward pull at the corners of the mouth therefore helping to erase the frown lines. Botox® cosmetic can also be used on the chin area to treat the dimpled skin that can sometimes be present in this area. More severe wrinkles around the lips can also be treated with the combination of dermabrasion and a medium depth chemical peel or CO2 laser resurfacing. We have a wide variety of tools available and will customize your treatment to your true needs.