Have you ever looked in the mirror and all of a sudden noticed that your neck looks different? Maybe it’s the pigmentation becoming more pronounced, or the vertical bands that seemed to appear overnight. For many it’s the double chin that is slowly reminding them of their parents. As we age, fat often accumulates under the chin, a lot of which is controlled by our genetics and not by our diets. Georgia Skin Cancer offers both products and procedures to treat a number of concerns for the neck. We will be happy to explain them and guide you in selecting the most beneficial option for you.

Neck Fat and Laxity Treatment Options

  • Kybella: for reducing fat that causes a “double chin”
  • Botox: for reducing the appearance of platysmal bands that lead to horizontal lines in the neck
  • Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels: for improving skin tone and texture, as well as uneven appearance and sun damage Customized Skincare Products