Contact dermatitis is a rash that is caused by an allergic reaction to something that is making contact with your skin. It is often red and itchy. Although this type of rash is not contagious or concerning for your health, it can be a nuisance and uncomfortable. While the cause of contact dermatitis varies from person to person depending on the material coming into contact with an individual’s skin, some common causes are cosmetic products, cleansers or detergents, jewelry, or plants. Some areas commonly affected by this type of rash include the wrists (if caused by jewelry or a watch), or a leg that came into direct contact with a plant such as poison ivy.

Contact Dermatitis Treatment Options

In order to effectively treat contact dermatitis, the material causing the rash must be identified and eliminated from making contact with the skin. By simply avoiding the material causing the contact dermatitis, the rash can resolve on its own over the course of two weeks to a month. At Georgia Skin Cancer we offer treatment options to improve symptoms including topical and oral steroids or antihistamines. If the rash is persistent, or the contact allergen is not obvious, we offer patch testing to specifically identify your skin allergens.