Close-up Of Person Hands Examining Acne Skin Of Man With Dermatoscope Most skin cancers and abnormal moles can be found early with skin exams, and are curable. Regular yearly exams by one of our providers along with checking your own skin frequently can help find cancers early, when they are easier to treat. When performing self skin exams, the mnemonic ABCDE (Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variation, Diameter >6 mm, Evolving) is useful in recognizing common features of a possible concerning mole or melanoma. Oftentimes the “E” for evolving lesions is the most important, because melanomas may be changing in other ways – becoming elevated, painful or ulcerated, itching, burning, or bleeding. There are also a variety of benign skin growths that can be found on your skin including seborrheic keratoses, freckles, angiomas, and skin tags. Our providers can tell the difference between these benign growths and those that may be concerning.